A Tale that’s still being narrated

Working hard am bruised, I can hear my wounds sorrow for being healed. …But in the world I live ,there’s no mercy am longed to be loved and I cry to be healed

But am trapped, trapped in a world faraway from my parents, where I lack the happiness of having friends, lack to explore the world in several beautiful views…. to fulfill your needs and what about mine ,I too dream me , am too a human being…

Is working all I have to do my entire life ,cant I get the opportunity to carry a bag on my back rather  than heavy stones , cant I sorrow when my teacher scolds at me rather than getting whipped by my owner for the work am told , I want to stay awake long and complete my studies and I want to full my stomach with my moms delicious food rather than just a thin gruel..

Even I want to fly high beyond the clouds but  I think even that I’ll have to fulfill them in my dreams…those dreams that might never come true….I sorrow ,sorrow from in where I have no one to wipe my tears at all.

               Raise your voice against child labour.

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