Dead silence is more powerful than a scream

I don’t want to let it go..cause I’ve settled in the present. …A throw towards the past and there a war begins, the running blood, the sacrifices of life and the separation of several nations , comes to birth.

Life becomes full of agony, one suffers in pain and other achieves victory without having mercy. Animals were dead ,life’s were prisoned,children  were slaves this wasn’t fare. ..Hands came together for separation and yet get burnt in destruction. ..

Both end up like a fairytale which moves towards the future , saying I am more superior than the reality. ..

( the last line means: we have settled in the present …and years ago we don’t actually know the reason behind a war or the actual fact…and now we find it to be a fairytale. ..but we are not aware that even a war can be fought tomorrow or near t0 the upcoming present…and this shall too, turn to a fairytale for the upcoming future generations !.)

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