She’s my God

Who is God? A young 4 year girl stands up surprising everyone with the answer, it’s my mom..she raises up further, my mom is nor less than a God. Because I have heard people say God has got the power to create, he is the strongest, the greatest, he is superior to all…

But my mom she’s given birth to me, a life to live , she has taught me we shall need to sacrifice most precious things in life to move further towards success, she’s taught me to fight difficulties even if am not capable too, she has told me that never give up , give everything a try and the most important thing she has made  me feel/realise that love everyone as I have known sadness. As I have felt the pain and I have known the biggest sacrifice for my life…

And the sacrifice was 1 stopped living life all because of me  and that was my mom. She had to sacrifice her life so that I can explore and look up to the dazzling, marvellous and overwhelming  world. So that I can stretch my arms to earn and that’s not all because I have always felt her presence with me because she settles in my heart.

Appreciate the life you are blessed with,  move ahead to make it more beautiful than it is!

love the life you are blessed with because some forget to live life and some hardly get to live it!

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