Our present alarms

We use water and we never try saving it, we use wood but we never try planting one plant, we use fuel and I think we won’t be able to save it for the future. ..

Future ,what is future? Is future going to tell us adapt life without water, adapt life without food, paper and adapt life with the colours of black and white. Green which has painted the forests, the colours that  the animals wear ,blue which the sky dresses up with. ..

Man grab it ,hold it tight and if it slips off it will vanish forever. ..

We destroy it and in a glimpse the earth will be just left with ashes.

Life’s increadible♥

Tears wet our eyes when one is happy♥,tears wet our eyes when one is in pain,tears are shed when one also feels ambivalent. ..

One smiles to hide his pain , his struggle,one smiles to show his happiness, one smiles at something even if regrets to accept it or has to accept it. One  smiles at life♥ and one cries for life.

Life is full of struggles but don’t struggle to live life, don’t love life to live it but live life to love it….Accept the reality , accept the failure , don’t regret but learn from the reality , learn from failure to achieve success..♥

Success is not when you stop facing struggle and difficulties , but success is when the struggle ,the difficulties are afraid to face you , to fight  with you… and u win over it. ..♥♥


She’s my God

Who is God? A young 4 year girl stands up surprising everyone with the answer, it’s my mom..she raises up further, my mom is nor less than a God. Because I have heard people say God has got the power to create, he is the strongest, the greatest, he is superior to all…

But my mom she’s given birth to me, a life to live , she has taught me we shall need to sacrifice most precious things in life to move further towards success, she’s taught me to fight difficulties even if am not capable too, she has told me that never give up , give everything a try and the most important thing she has made  me feel/realise that love everyone as I have known sadness. As I have felt the pain and I have known the biggest sacrifice for my life…

And the sacrifice was 1 stopped living life all because of me  and that was my mom. She had to sacrifice her life so that I can explore and look up to the dazzling, marvellous and overwhelming  world. So that I can stretch my arms to earn and that’s not all because I have always felt her presence with me because she settles in my heart.

Appreciate the life you are blessed with,  move ahead to make it more beautiful than it is!

love the life you are blessed with because some forget to live life and some hardly get to live it!


Dead silence is more powerful than a scream

I don’t want to let it go..cause I’ve settled in the present. …A throw towards the past and there a war begins, the running blood, the sacrifices of life and the separation of several nations , comes to birth.

Life becomes full of agony, one suffers in pain and other achieves victory without having mercy. Animals were dead ,life’s were prisoned,children  were slaves this wasn’t fare. ..Hands came together for separation and yet get burnt in destruction. ..

Both end up like a fairytale which moves towards the future , saying I am more superior than the reality. ..

( the last line means: we have settled in the present …and years ago we don’t actually know the reason behind a war or the actual fact…and now we find it to be a fairytale. ..but we are not aware that even a war can be fought tomorrow or near t0 the upcoming present…and this shall too, turn to a fairytale for the upcoming future generations !.)



When we are in agony we pray, at times we are happy we thank him by praying, we want to achieve success we join our hands before him , we desire we bow our head before him…

We find him the greatest to all , we believe that he is the creator, , we believe that he can do anything he wants .

But no,he is the strength in us that pushes us to move further and makes us realise if we are living in the world of illusions in his own way, he is the power who blesses us with hope to make our maximum with our ability. He is the belief that keeps us strong during difficulties and he is the love that makes us trust that he’ll always be there for us even if the world falls apart.

But he, he’s only found in our little heart which also believes in illusions …at times!


Matters no longer

Life’s full of miseries, it’s upon you to turn life into a mystery!

It has ruined the life of people, life can turn into worse than it is.They tried to put on their maximum but we have no gratitude towards them.

People find themselves rich and superior but they have forgotten that even their ancestors might have struggled to give us a royal life…you need not need to struggle but at least respect the struggle, the efforts made by the poor.They don’t need our sympathy but respect, they don’t want our hate rate but kindness and love and they don’t want to live a royal life but a life with dignity.


Death seems beautiful

Beautiful things don’t ask for your attention! 

Death seems beautiful because just a glimpse and one gives up living. ..she lays her cold hands freezing the soul of the body saying am more beautiful but not as bright as life…you need not need to struggle nor fight just survive in dark without life and light

You might wonder about heaven and hell but all it ends up is being dead . Good life or bad it’s up to you but you can’t escape death, one or the either day you will need to adore her because Death’s beautiful without any pride…

Death admires the way she is..

Death’s a true painful cruelty  

Life’s a beautiful lie..