Quench her thirst

She’ll be parched to death, water might flow from our eyes but not a single drop of water might run  from our taps because the entire nation is thirsty. A dry dead land, hoping for water,  a desire , a dream…

Everything under sun will frizzle to death. Everything along with man will turn dead…and then everything will be calm and silent…

The rush, the war fought for water, violence for victory, the pain given for our comfort and off course the sacrifices of mother earth for man…will no more last. This is all we desired to develop and destroy.Nor we shall survive in peace neither  let mother earth too.

We haven’t created  Mother Earth, she has created us!

Save her, protect her

A Tale that’s still being narrated

Working hard am bruised, I can hear my wounds sorrow for being healed. …But in the world I live ,there’s no mercy am longed to be loved and I cry to be healed

But am trapped, trapped in a world faraway from my parents, where I lack the happiness of having friends, lack to explore the world in several beautiful views…. to fulfill your needs and what about mine ,I too dream me , am too a human being…

Is working all I have to do my entire life ,cant I get the opportunity to carry a bag on my back rather  than heavy stones , cant I sorrow when my teacher scolds at me rather than getting whipped by my owner for the work am told , I want to stay awake long and complete my studies and I want to full my stomach with my moms delicious food rather than just a thin gruel..

Even I want to fly high beyond the clouds but  I think even that I’ll have to fulfill them in my dreams…those dreams that might never come true….I sorrow ,sorrow from in where I have no one to wipe my tears at all.

               Raise your voice against child labour.

The story of Nature never Dies

Beautiful things don’t ask for attention!

The rays of the sun that pour on a dark land to rise the plants animals asleep, the breeze that dances around to play with leaves and the water that gushes down with great speed. Everything alarms ‘ Man you have got the power of beauty ,excellence and strength’. Choose only one master that’s Nature.

Life is not a game but a war , life is tough but even you are made that though reminds nature. A small nestling itself tries flying because he knows one day or either he has to fly, small cubs have to learn to hunt for survival and young crocs have to defend themselves from huge predictors to live and this continues over.

Nature brings about different colours after every month tells that the beauty of nature never faints and every realm of nature is marvellous.